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Subject:  Re: Bank of Satan Dilema Date:  6/28/2012  8:23 AM
Author:  aj485 Number:  305466 of 312305

I hope you're right, AJ, but when a company works so hard to destroy it's reputation, it's hard to believe they could do anything that is customer-focused.

What 'reputation destroying', specifically, are you talking about? The debit card fee? Which other banks (Chase, Wells Fargo and Regions, among others were already charging, but just not telling anyone about? And which BOA backed off when they heard from their consumer base that they didn't like it? And which caused other banks to back off from it, too? Seems to me like they ended up helping the consumer in the long run.

They realized they made a mistake. Thay fixed it. Since you keep bringing Toyota into this discussion, how is that any different than the 15 million plus Toyota vehicles that have been recalled in the past 3 years? Yet, you still drive your Prius (aka Fuskiemobile), right? Still love the MPG you get from it? Been a great car, right?

Look - you liked the service you were getting from your card when you didn't know it was a BOA card. If you have had a good real-life experience, why would you give more credence to media stories than to your real-life experience?

If you hate BOA so much that you don't want to do business with them, then why didn't you cancel the card the minute you found out it was a BOA card? (Never mind that you really had enough information to know about at least 4 years ago, but managed to ignore the information at that point.) If you are so conflicted about your real-life experience vs. what you've seen/read/heard about, maybe it's time to re-examine what information you are basing your feelings on.

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