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Subject:  Re: New day Date:  7/3/2012  3:52 PM
Author:  vs101 Number:  5101 of 5166

I do not believe NOK is a great investment. Take it for what it is worth. In 1997, Apple was in a similar situation. People thought it would go bankrupt. Aswath Damodaran (Professor at NYU) bought Apple as an investment which he calls, way out of the money call option. He held till about recently and made a killing on it.

He is doing the same with Nokia, however I do not believe that the same outcome is guaranteed or even viable.

Apple had the right vision, they just had to execute on it. Nokia is a problem child of the smartphone revolution. They are like Kodak, where Kodak failed to capitalize on digital cameras and got killed.

Apple had the closed model right from the beginning. Hardware / software all together. This gives the user a complete experience and they can control what people are running on their devices, which gives them and the developers a great way to handle the content. With music, movies, phone and internet in all one place, Apple is in control of everything a consumer needs in a device. It is near impossible for Nokia to imitate that.

If this is money you can gamble with, just leave it in there. Maybe one day Nokia will shine. If not, I would recommend selling and buying Apple instead. I think even from here, Apple will beat Nokia in the long run.

Just my 2c.

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