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Subject:  Re: Need better results Date:  7/23/2012  1:01 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  24931 of 26303

Yes. I think my timeline is off. My money has been in several funds within this group over the last 20 years. It is just in the last 3-4 that I lost down from 120k to its current value of about 102k. It teeters between there and around 98k, never seeming to keep and build on any gains I do achieve.

Considering that you are still ~$20k down from your peak, I would suggest that you might want examine your investing strategies, and why/when you move money from one investment to another.

For instance, go look at the moves that you made for the last 3 - 4 years. What happened to the investments you moved out of or into before and after you made the moves? Would you have been better off not making the moves at all, making them earlier or making them later? How could you have changed your strategy in order to make the move when it would have been more advantageous?

If you are trying to chase returns by moving money from a recent 'bad' performers to a recent 'good' performers, you are selling low and buying high. That's a mistake that many people make, often to the detriment of their account balances. If you are making that mistake, and don't change your investment strategy, you are unlikely reach your goal of doubling your money in the next 10 years, whether the money remains in the 401(k) or is moved to an IRA.

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