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Subject:  Re: Ramadan Date:  7/24/2012  11:02 AM
Author:  dovbaer6 Number:  1644 of 1676

I've been thinking about what I wrote, and the situation with my daughter and wanted to say a few more things.

When someone converts from one religion to another, there is often shock and upset among the family members. I truly have nothing against Islam. As far as I am concerned, Islam = Christianity = Judaism = Buddhism etc, in the sense that people have a natural tendency to want to see beyond our 'ordinary reality' and that we are spiritual beings.

Objectively, no religion is better than another. Subjectively, it gets more complex.

My daughter is a new convert to Islam. I am a Jew. Most Jews would not view my daughter as Jewish because her mother is not Jewish. My daughter considers herself Jewish though, and now she also considers herself a Muslim.

There are over 2 billion Christians in the world. There are around 1 1/2 billion Muslims.

there are maybe 13 million Jews. The worldwide Jewish population today is just reaching was it was around 1940, having taken over 70 years to recover (numerically) from the Holocaust .... so, when someone converts from Judaism to anything else, is sends kind of a ripple, a shockwave, through the community .... except my daughter isn't halachically Jewish.

It's complicated ....

I've met and known many Muslims in my life, at work, in social settings, and one in particular at this website .... and knowing all these folks just reinforces the notion for me that people are just people no matter what their religion.

My daughters conversion brings up many issues for me as well as for her, issues of my first marriage being an interfaith marriage, issues of loss .... but .... have I really lost anything?

My daughter and I still love each other. I admire her pluckiness, her independance and her courage. Because of her I have met many more Muslims, mostly Jordanians, and they have been so kind and hospitable to me, and understanding.

So, this is rambling. I just wanted anyone reading this to know that I am not angry and do not have any negative feelings towards Muslims because my daughter is a convert .... and lol, she's fine with the whole situation, I am the one wrestling with it.

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