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Subject:  Re: Potential Game Changer for NG filling of car Date:  8/1/2012  11:50 AM
Author:  ultimatespinach Number:  109 of 587

why would I drive down the street to my nearest NG filling station, if I can buy my own in home unit for $500 and probably also pay less $ for the nat gas since I already have it piped in for my stove, furnace, water heater, etc? Is it just me, or does this dramatically change the value proposition of a CLNE?

CLNE's business model is all about the trucking industry. The natural gas highway it is building across the country is a series of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) filling stations for long-haul truckers. The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations it is building and equipping in metropolitan areas are for fleets of waste haulers, municipal buses, airport vehicles and taxi fleets.

It already has contracts with hundreds of companies and public entities to provide natural gas to their fleets. It is adding clients so fast that it recently announced there are too many to announce each one, so it will periodically release lists of the latest signees:

CLNE also has a subsidiary, IMW, which builds, sells and installs compression and delivery equipment for entities that want to pump their own.

The GE initiative is a 28-month R&D project looking well out into the future to see if there is a business opportunity if and when most of the U.S. passenger fleet converts to natural gas. IMW may well offer a similar option by then.

In any case, CLNE will have proved a profitable investment (or not) well before that, IMO.
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