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Subject:  Re: Romneycare to add a 'Death Panel' Date:  8/3/2012  8:43 PM
Author:  StockGoddess Number:  44429 of 120622

Liberals have spent decades frustrating every effort by Republicans to reign in health care costs, with the aim of damaging the private health care system to the point of failure, and they have largely achieved that aim.

Apparently you've forgotten the "decades" when Hillary Clinton suggested we do something to reign in health care costs which were far outrunning inflation, and was roundly pummeled by every Republican in the US, with commercials (to boot) about how awful it would all be if we had cheap or free health care and how they had a better plan - which, oddly, then never came to pass.

Then you've forgotten the "decades" when Republicans owned all 3 branches of office, early-Dubya years, and nothing whatsoever was done.

You think the Republicans have our health-care interests at heart? Who's been telling you Obamacare is a baaaaaaaaaaaad thing? The people overseas seem to know more than you do about that.

Hint - it's all about insurance companies protecting their profits...

But re-write, re-write, and vote against your own interests, it's what Republicans do to justify being led by the nose by fear-mongering.
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