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Subject:  Re: credit and community property Date:  8/14/2012  9:30 PM
Author:  DrBooa Number:  305733 of 312606

So maybe you need a different approach here. Maybe you need to do something to accommodate his dyslexia. Would he let you take over paying all his bills from his accounts? That way, you could ensure that they are being paid, and they are still being paid from his accounts so you continue to have separate finances. It would be as though he were hiring you to be his business manager, and so you'd handle all the logistics around the bill paying.

That won't help your problem where he can't remember the address, but maybe you can get him to let you do that sort of paperwork and just handle all the finances. Maybe you could also get him to put in a change-of-address at the post office so that all his mail that goes to his parents' house would be forwarded to you, and then you can go in and make the address change for those accounts.

This is what the Boo and I do. I mean, we have combined accounts, but I pay all the bills, every payday. I have online access to all the credit cards, so I don't have to wait for a paper bill to come in the mail to pay them. If he is getting some bills mailed to other addresses, you can do the mail forwarding thing, as some people have mentioned, and as you become aware of other bills getting mailed to those addresses, you can contact the places and give them the updated address (yours) so any future bills get mailed there.

I hope you guys can work it out. I'm pulling for you.

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