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Subject:  Re: E-fund w/ Debt Balance Date:  8/28/2012  10:52 AM
Author:  LaraAmber Number:  305825 of 312954

I think most people realize there needs to be a balance, a smaller efund & slush fund until the cards are paid off and then taking those payments and making a big efund & slush fund.

Part of it is retraining the mindset. Too many people show up on debt boards and whine "well I was paying off, and then I needed tires, and that was an emergency!". No, that was a anticipated expense that should have been paid out of your slush fund. Getting people to think farther than the end of the month and build a realistic budget that includes savings is important to make sure that debt payoff remains permanent and not an never-ending cycle of paydown/ramp back up/paydown.

I have an office mate who will always be in that cycle. Why? Partly because his mindset when he thinks about debt paydown is "now that I paid off that credit card, what can I buy???" not "now I can get a comfortable cushion of savings".

Lara Amber
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