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Subject:  Re: stocks suggestions needed Date:  9/2/2012  12:43 AM
Author:  Quillnpenn Number:  26170 of 29200


First thing we are going to is get some education and read several books that have to be read first then learn how to read charts. please read this for all newbies, grasshoppers and beginners. peruse the book store and find "How to Trade". then persuse the Beginners: Learn the basics.

Since I see he has TD Ameritrade as a broker, you guys can down load for FREE the Thinkorswim (TOS) software of which I use as a Swing Trader.

Pick up a copy of the IBD Investors Business Daily (IBD) monday edition every saturday to research on the weekends.

or peruse just peruse for information and current events to get use to the language and jargon used every day by traders and investors. a night time chart in only buy stocks whose 13expotential moving average (ema) crossing over the 50ema. this chart says to nothing but have a nice day and see you II morrow or until the next xover occurs to sell the stock and then wait to buy back in. a day time chart (default). this stock has to do with your IP smartphones.

Being a Swing Trader is the safest way to invest be it Stocks, ETF's or CEF's. Werks the same for Futures or Forex in protecting your ASSettes all times. Bare in mind there will be some speed bumps in losing a few bucks along the way. Investing is a business and must be treated as such. bought QQQ as the bread and butter stock and July 2nd.

to find some stocks as a sample in his price range right side click on the Technical tab left click on the ticker 3 times to show a chart or click on View results at the bottom of the group. Once the stock hit the xover we ride the wave or bang it for a few bucks and out.

one thing we avoid stocks below 5 bucks. this is a long term project for your son if he would like to ba millionaire when he retires. It is setup wheather it is a bull market or a bear market using the Tetter Totter Principle. Using the 13/50emas, he will not fail the journey.

He can start off slow with just a pair with a few bucks, compound the monies at each sale. He has plenty of time on his side.

His next project to be involved is in having a Perpetual Income for life folder with just a dozen stocks

at the top in the search box type in Perpetual Income coming for life Quillnpenn and click on search. here is a sample of the findings and only look at Group I for now.

Usha, I hope some of the above mess can help your son starting off with a yellow legal pad and write down a Business PLAN.

Quillnpenn - a poor church mouse scratching for a living as a Professional Swing Trader.

ps avoid Direct Investing. To much administrative paper work.
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