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Subject:  Re: Another lib loses it Date:  9/9/2012  10:11 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  642762 of 878204

arrette:"I don't understand this attitude of "if you plan to vote for Romney, you have a visceral hate for Obama". Who bothers to hate him? I just don't like his plocies, past and future. His vision for the US is not mine. But hate? Why bother."

They are still playing the 'white guilt' card.

If you don't vote for Obama, it's because you hate him because he is half black. Simple.

Just playing the white guilt card. That got him a lot of votes the first time.

He was advertised as 'the great uniter'......someone who would 'transcend' the 'race barrier'......and you had to vote for him and if you didn't , it was probably because you were a racist...plain and simple.

Now, they are desperate and playing the race card time and time again.....the 'white guilt' card. If you don't love him, it's bcause you are 'racist' and 'incapable' of 'transcending the race barrier' and 'not worthy'.

Silly....but that is what they are hoping....that 'hopey changey' thing....likely for the worse, but's politics Chicago style.....

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