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Subject:  Responsibility for Benghazi diplomats death Date:  9/12/2012  8:22 AM
Author:  trismus Number:  174742 of 178970

The timing of the release of this video is suspect..

The nutter Netanyahu is 'cross', more like 'spitting blood', because Obama is refusing to bow to the demands of what he sees as his position of superiority.

Obama can't fit in time for a meeting with Netanyahu, a politically correct version of 'go f**k yourself'.

Netanyahu is out of step with just about every international institution on how to deal with Ian.
Most Western political institutions are out of step with their own public on Iran, fearful of the power of the Zionist to make or break them. Think Murdoch and British politicians.

With an election due American presidential runners have to be careful of how they treat Israel.
How on earth did we allow Israel to obtain such an influential position in our lives?

Anyhow, just after Obama's snub for Netanyahu this video is released.To think it wouldn't cause trouble in already troubled waters would be naive in the extreme.

Risible Romney, quick to jump on a bandwagon without wheels, calls the governments response 'disgraceful'.
One has to wonder if this man has any knowledge at all of the world beyond American shores. He never was President material and never should become President.

San Bacile, an Israeli living in California, an extreme anti-Islamist, appears to me to have picked an opportune moment to release this video in an effort to create problems for Obama and attempt to conjure up support for the 'Risible Romney'.

Here's a thought. If this video hadn't been released at this time the diplomat would still be alive.

I suppose like most Israeli's he sees Americans as expendable disposable tools, there to be used.


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