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Subject:  1099 for expense reimbursement Date:  9/17/2012  11:17 PM
Author:  snippee Number:  116595 of 130017

(Seems like this topic came up earlier this year but i couldn't find the thread using the search engine. Sorry for asking any questions that might have already been answerd and thanks in advance for your indulgence.)

My husband had a job interview in 2011 and paid for some of the travel expenses (SEA-SFO) himself. He got a reimbursement check in the mail (around $1000; received in 2011) and a 1099-MISC in January of 2012. (I don't remember if he got a job offer or not but he did not go to work for the company.)

I know we can just do a Schedule C-EZ where the expenses equal the income (such as it is) so it zeroes out but i'm having trouble with the receipts my husband saved matching up to the amount on the 1099. He is not one to get mired in the details and doesn't really know why there's a discrepancy.

I toyed with the idea of adding in some mileage and other minor items we used to deduct when he had some consulting income for a few tax years about eight years ago. However, i got busy and annoyed with having to deal with this and started procrastinating and filed an extension. More procrastination this summer gets us to less than a month till the 2011 return is due and me needing to figure it out already.

It just seems wrong that we should have to file a Schedule C because of a reimbursement check. However, i am all too aware that my feelings on what's right and wrong WRT the tax code are irrelevant at this point.

So, level with me: Is Schedule C my fate? Or was the company who issued the 1099-MISC in error? If the latter, how should we go about fixing it?

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