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Subject:  Re: Sleep Date:  9/22/2012  3:09 PM
Author:  culcha Number:  17853 of 22193

From my experience I stay away from any Benadryl, Tavist-d, etc. It is BAD for you prostate. Will tighten that prostate up and you be waking up more frequently at night to pee. Wake up very tired after 8 hours of sleep (at least you thought you were sleeping). Read the back label warning about prostate. It's no joke.

My brother has used Melatonin for Sleep and it seemed ok.

Must say, I myself haven't had any experience like that. In fact, I'm already getting up several times a night to go to the bathroom, and with diphenhydramine (the ingredient in things like Benadryl that makes you sleep), I got up to go less often, I guess because I was sleeping so well.

I also take melatonin. In fact, sometimes I take both. I think melatonin is more for getting you to fall asleep in the first place, and diphenhydramine is more for getting a good long night of sleep.

Melatonin doesn't make me fall back asleep if I do wake up in the middle of the night. It seems to work best when as a nighttime "starter."

In any case, I would take either (or both) about 30 minutes before retiring. Then I can actually feel myself geting drowsier ...

I don't take either of these in the same evening that I've had some alcohol though.


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