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Subject:  Re: Tesla Supercharger Date:  9/26/2012  12:51 PM
Author:  BenSolar Number:  1567 of 1800

Right, the free charging is limited by supply, if nothing else. If you arrive at your selected charging point and there is already a line 4 deep, then you have a substantial wait before you even plug-in.

With good trip planning recharging in Vegas is no problem, I think. This article describes free charge stations at two casinos, and I'm sure those two aren't the only options.

Tesla will have a supercharger station in Vegas within a year or two if they can stick to their plans.

The 100 kilowatt soon to be 120 kilowatt capacity is a big jump forward in charge rate. That is important. I expect they hope other businesses will adopt the standard and offer supercharging as a profit center down the road as the number of compatible EVs grows.

Definitely not a 'everyone will drive for free' plan, but it is a big jump forward, if they successfully build it out like they plan. It makes a cross-country trip realistic for Model S owners, possibly at zero fuel cost depending on trip planning. Quite a perk.

I wonder how busy the LA one will be in a year, and if Tesla will offer more than 4 chargers if there is demand. Will they have a valet to manage the queue, or will you have to wait with your car in line. A valet is called for, I think, so that you could drop your car off in the queue and not worry about it, come back at your leisure.

I guess their marketing is effective. It has fired up my desire for a top-end Model S. The one I picked out runs $101,550, lol. The cheapest one with Supercharger capability is $62,600.
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