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Subject:  Re: On Reinventing Yourself Date:  9/26/2012  3:31 PM
Author:  oncqueen Number:  4667 of 5367

I can see from the change in her tone that it would all seem to have been a bit of a deliberate attempt to deceive you. It may be perhaps that that long pause had nothing to do with the previous relationship with your sig, but rather she was wondering if you would know about various other fiascos in her past, or she was embarassed that she did not remember you. There may be several other factors, as well:

1. She may just be confused or was too stoned to remember who did what. My parents once told me that years later, a teacher I had never dealt with at all in high school took credit for "pulling me out of my shyness." Did she mix me up with someone else? Or was it a deliberate attempt to take credit?

2. It's all in the eye of the beholder. Some of the more "popular" kids may have a ton of insecurities underneath, and a small moment of kindness at a vulnerable moment could have had a big impact to her, but was such a small thing that he did not even register it.

3. It may have been an attempt to reassure you that she was not after your sig; "he was like a big brother to me" may be intended as "I have zero interest, don't look at me as a threat." I think some women do that to reassure others. I don't know if that is only if they get funny vibes, or it's people who have themselves had boyfriends targeted/stalked by previous acquaintences, or what, but I think it is not uncommon.

We are all revisionist to some degree about our past; no grownup introduces themselves by saying, "I used to eat my intranasal contents."
I would try to move past it, and be a bit watchful for other hints of sneakiness in the future.
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