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Subject:  Re: Tesla Supercharger Date:  9/27/2012  5:46 PM
Author:  Radish Number:  1570 of 1800


It'd still take almost 5 hours to charge up 150 miles of range (the shortest route back to Barstow) at those high-power Tesla charging stations... — Radish

The Tesla high-power charger provides ~60 miles range/hour charging if you have the dual charger option on your Model S. So, that's just 2.5 hours for 150 miles worth of juice.

Indeed... my mistake. I used the calculator at but failed to set it for dual charger. With single charger it's 4 hours 43 minutes, with dual it is 2 hours 21 minutes.

If you have the 85kwh Model S and its fully charged, you can drive LA to Vegas in one sitting with no recharge, though you might have to drive a little slower than normal. This has already been done successfully.

Yes, but you also have to drive with the A/C off through the desert. Musk mentioned in the presentation that you wouldn't really want to do that.

A friend of mine estimated the area of solar panels that would be required per charging spot (at the Supercharger) assuming less than a dozen cars charged per day per spot, and it's vastly larger than the size of the entire Supercharger station (shown with 4 charging spots). So when Musk said they would generate more power than the chargers consume, he must have been including solar panels at sites unrelated to the Supercharging stations.

Again, I really like the Tesla series cars, and I for one would probably buy one immediately if I were, say, as rich as Elon Musk. But I think his "three points" being solved by a few "free" Supercharging stations is complete hype. Sure, a few charging stations are cool. But will they let all Tesla-S owners drive anywhere in the US for free, as (or even nearly as) conveniently as with a gas car? Not a chance.

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