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Subject:  Re: CCRC Date:  10/3/2012  8:39 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  17878 of 22098

I've been unable to persuade my almost 87-year-old mother to consider a CCRC. And there's a great CCR about a mile from her house. She'd really enjoy "eating out" every day in company, but her independent streak is a mile deep and wide. She likes arranging for things like yard care, cleaning service, HVAC service, handymen and enjoys paying all her bills (she used to be a bookkeeper).

She moved into this house a couple years after my father died, and doesn't want to go through everything again so soon. She's never sold possessions and is uncomfortable about it happening while she's alive. Plus she doesn't want to "live with old people"--even though the ailing elderly are segregated at this facility. Or in a situation that smacks of poverty/socialism (group home) so she'd only consider one of their patio homes, not one of the smaller apartments, which is what she can afford. I think she doesn't want to appear to be the poorest at the place, which she probably would be. She grew up poor and has spent a lifetime escaping that. She also looks at the monthyl fee at the CCRC and compares that too her mortgage-free home with low property taxes. Although I've explained several times that the buy-in price is maybe half the value of her home, so she could add to her investments, and that the CCRC would cover some of her current expenses like landscapers, maintenance and repair, utilities, and even their exercise facility with personal trainers is included in the fee, she doesn't seem to get it.

At least she's finally gotten comfortable with the idea that her current car is her last one--and it's 14 years old, but meticulously maintained, every scratch fixed promptly. While her bridge friends drive her to those events, not sure how it will go for other things. I live right here, but travel a lot and may move away. My brother is also here, but runs a business and can't be available on a daily basis (and she does like to leave the house every day). The CCRC takes you out on your errands plus on fun outings. And they host concerts, plays, and lectures. Plus it's located on pretty grounds right next to an outdoor mall with her favorite restaurants, a grocery store, etc.

I couldn't even get her to take a tour with us, so DH & I took a tour and were impressed. I'd sign up myself, but we're out of town a lot, plus my children/grandchild are far away so I don't want to commit here.
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