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Subject:  Re: Interesting choice Bozo vs Romney... Date:  10/3/2012  8:08 PM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  646812 of 883341

Come on, don't be shy - tell us what you REALLY think of Obama.


I think he's highly intelligent. He doesn't think (or speak) in sound bites, but in nuance.
He's highly motivated (had to work his butt off to get to Harvard).
I think he's generally a very good speaker.
I think (but obviously don't know him on a personal level, so could be wrong) that he is a good father and husband (as good as any of us, anyway).
I think he is a bit naive when dealing with others in negotiations because he appears to assume that everyone wants the same thing (i.e. what's best for the country) even though the Republican leader 4 years ago said explicitly that the only thing that mattered was making him (Obama) a 1-term president.
The only reason I can see that he hasn't pursued tougher regulation on finance is that he is somehow beholden to them, so he is at least somewhat corrupt (not unusual for any politician, but still...).
I don't think he's a horrible leader, but he is not a very strong one either. Probably related to the previously mentioned naivete. This definitely showed during his first two years in particular, IMO.
He is able to change his mind (which I consider a positive). As evidenced by his stance on gay marriage, even though it will cost him some votes (particularly among blacks, according to what I've read). He would have been safer to remain against it.
Which leads me to say that he is at least somewhat principled. Not enough to take on Big Finance (Wall Street, banks, etc). Unfortunately. But more than many politicians.

Really, just looking at that list, it's a little weak, IMO. So imagine what my list for Romney would look like for me to be voting against him (Romney). Which is what I will do. I'm much less voting for Obama than I am voting against Romney. The GOP could have had me this year if they hadn't been determined to run idiots, psychos and criminals ( criminal...Newt was punished for ethics violations).
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