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Subject:  Re: Romney is Brilliant! Date:  10/4/2012  6:11 AM
Author:  rjf53 Number:  63920 of 115741

Even CNN was universally complementary!

Since you are having so much fun duma let me see if I can ad to it.

I thought Romney clearly won the debate, the use of the word rout is not to strong IMO and Obama's performance was every bit as bad as GB's first debate against Kerry's.

The debate very much reminded me of a football game where one team (Obama) clearly has the stronger team and yet when the game starts the weaker team strikes early & often leaving their opponent dazed and confused to the point they are unable to recover.

Please don't misunderstand me, he won, but it was a contest of style over substance.

Mitt was clearly better prepared and he executed his "game plan" near flawlessly. From the very beginning and on virtually every topic that came up he had a long list of sound bites at the ready which made it nearly impossible for Obama to respond effectively. If you know your opponent has 2 minutes to respond for example (even assuming he'll go over the allotted time) then a wonderful technique is to spend your 2 minutes rattling off a list of completely baseless(mostly)accusations knowing full well your opponent will only have time to address one or two leaving the rest of the accusations unanswered. (Sh1t clinging to the wall)The same technique was used effectively when Mitt was promising a "chicken in every pot" and a cure for every disease through what best could be described as political alchemy.

Still though, Obama clearly was his own worst enemy IMO. He looked irritated the whole night, his answers were "professorial" vs. Mitt's litany of sound bites and lofty but ridiculous promises. Although I'm not exactly sure it's cause (camera angles) the filming of the debate through the entire night gave the appearance that Mitt was looking at/listening to both Jim & Obama while Obama appeared to be not listening or looking away the whole time. If I was a right winger I would certainly be screaming mainstream media bias and conspiracy, but since I'm not I'll just make the observation that it didn't help an already bad situation.

So yes IMO Mitt won, primarily because he was able to communicate/distill his message (even when it was mostly BS) in a way that fit the format. Obama, on the other hand, acted like that he would have all of the time in the world to explain his positions honestly and in detail, when clearly that could never be accomplished in the time frame allotted.

What impact will it have on the polls? Clearly it will help Mitt, maybe a lot. Does Obama need to improve his performance next time out? With out a doubt. Will he? Don't know.

What I do know is this debate isn't likely to change the opinions of either man's base, which leaves the race in the hands of truly independent voters as it has always been.

Will they be smart enough to distinguish between style and substance? We'll see I guess, but for the country's sake I certainly hope so.

So anyway; What's with have a nice weekend? Most of us normal folk work Fridays and if your intent is to hold a victory party my suggestion would be that it may still be a bit premature for that.

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