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Subject:  Re: Romney is Brilliant! Date:  10/4/2012  8:34 AM
Author:  dumaflotchie Number:  63922 of 115850

one team (Obama) clearly has the stronger team

Here we disagree B. If Obama had a better record, Romney couldn't have made any headway with him. But is was point after point with no media there to protect Obama from the core issues.

If you know your opponent has 2 minutes to respond for example (even assuming he'll go over the allotted time) then a wonderful technique is to spend your 2 minutes rattling off a list of completely baseless(mostly)accusations<?i>

Maybe Obama tried that but since he had a full 4 minutes more talk time than did Romney, it wouldn't appear that Romney used such a tactic or at least that Obama wasn't given the courtesy of time to respond.

What I do know is this debate isn't likely to change the opinions of either man's base, which leaves the race in the hands of truly independent voters as it has always been.


But I am not sure your impression of substance lacking with Romney was correct. A few examples:

1) Emphatically stated he will work with Democrats as much as Repubs and has the history to prove he can and would do that. IMO, I believe we would find him to be more moderate so liberal don't need to fear him.

2) Well defined point by point approach to economic recovery and defined his management style.

3) Dispelled concerns about lowering tax burden paid by the rich. People can understand why that 3% is so important since 40% of jobs come from them!

4) Dispelled concerns about negatively impacting education. Thought his commentary on "choices" Obama made with alternatives ($90 Billion wasted) that could have hired 2 million teachers was spot on!

5) Stressed priorities and why Obamacare was ill timed legislation

6) Stressed need to rebuild and strengthen middle class and was acutely aware of their plight

7) Stressed that Medicare would be saved and that gutting providers will reduce access

8) Stressed energy independence through all sources

9) Stressed importance of regulation but knew very specifics about what legislative initiatives would and are more harmful than good.

10) Etc.

But I certainly agree with you.....the Repubs shouldn't be spiking the ball.

Even so, it is very clear when Romney and Obama are not protected by media bias or teleprompters and all issues are on the table, people can see them for what they are.

In that regard, the frenzied attempts by tamahas to suggest this election is that was PREMATURE!!

Romney was presidential.......I suspect everyone could see that quite clearly and the liberal media on CNN were no less than stunned by the revelation that Romney is presidential and brings polish, potential for bringing us back together.

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