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Subject:  Re: Obama is NOT dumb Date:  10/4/2012  8:46 AM
Author:  buffalogal100 Number:  646889 of 882729

Obama will WIN THE ELECTION.. Yeah, politicallly, the conservatives SUCK.

I don't know. I don't see the blind adulation of Obama from four years ago. He may be ahead in the polls, but who's being polled. All I sense in this country is weariness. Being put through the wringer is anything but inspiring. People are still going on with their daily lives, but with a feeling of caution. Obama's base is fired up. Romney is not exactly a conservative but also not the consuming, professional politician the likes of Obama. His approach seems a bit milquetoast, but underneath, I think he's got more smarts. On the whole, I guess this gives Obama an edge. He can orate, but it's empty rhetoric. The question is, how many people are truly fooled and how many have gotten wiser. Also, voters don't exactly cotton to the unknown. Actually, as the frog/pot analogy goes, we're in the slightly uncomfortably warm stage but we'll be quickly stewed if Obama wins again. He does not respect the general populace, has no affinity for them. A second term will see some of the PA types howling with indignation - not that it's any consolation.
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