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Subject:  Re: Romney is Brilliant! Date:  10/4/2012  11:03 AM
Author:  captainccs Number:  63936 of 115741

He is our only chance to be friends again ;) and work as a country on both sides of aisle and in between.

Embrace it!

Good comment! In my country a lot of people wanted Capriles to take a more right wing stance but Capriles is a left of center politician like most of our successful ones over the past 50 plus years. You cannot turn a ship around on a dime. CAP, the democratic president who won by the greatest landslide ever lost his job when he tried to turn to the right suddenly without first preparing the population. Privatizing the national telco went well, eliminating price controls was not popular, but when he tried to rationalize the price of gas at the pump, he was fired.

I realize that Venezuela is and will remain socialist for a long time. The real issue is not spending oil income on the poor but respecting private property at all levels, rich and poor alike. Living with the fear of losing your business or your home or other hard won property does not lead to a happy existence. With Chavez the threat is threefold, government expropriating anything they fancy, the government encouraging invasion of private proper, and rampant crime stealing and kidnapping for ransom.

Chavez, like Obama, is charismatic and has a large following but when you travel on the subway and hear people talk, they worry about their daily lives, not about political philosophy. They want bread and security. Last night I was looking for a video of the debate. Not finding one, I listened to Romney's RNC acceptance speech. Unlike Chavez and Obama, he was not advocating class warfare or racial warfare. He was addressing ALL fellow Americans. One point really struck a chord with me, when he said: "Obama promised to make the seas stop rising. I promise to help you all to a better life." Ideologue vs. pragmatist! Let the pragmatists win every time!

Denny Schlesinger
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