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Subject:  Re: GoofyHoofy Pick Up The Red Courtesy Phone Date:  10/4/2012  2:49 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  647004 of 888207

"They're in a league of their own because they actually think that by sacrificing their lives, they'll meet up with 72 virgins and other nonsense. Like the kamikaze pilots of World War II, it's hard to defeat a foe who fights with no innate self-preservation."

I read an online article a while back that blamed some of the nuttiness of Islam on polygamy. First off they have large families and secondly, because of polygamy, there is an overabundance of young males. It is difficult for a young male to find a mate and get married because a lot of young women would rather be the second or third wife of a rich man than the first wife of a poor man. She is assured of a more comfortable lifestyle.

The problem is then what to do with all the excess frustrated young males? Telling them that if they die for Islam in Jihad when they get there they will be met by 72 virgins is exactly the opposite of what they have experienced in this life. So strapping on a bomb and blowing yourself up alleviates the need for a career or work or study or anything of that nature. All you have to do is die and you will find what this life has denied to you because of Polygamy.

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