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Subject:  Re: "Not an MSNBC debate" Date:  10/4/2012  11:28 PM
Author:  richieds Number:  1821294 of 2228903

"There's just one problem with your narrative: Medicare is doomed anyway."

Says alot that you didn't even attempt to refute the obvious fact that the voucher system would fail.

"I wondered how long it would take you to return to the Obama aquatransport business"

Obama is a horrible debater. Doesn't mean Romney should be president.

Another point you made no attempt to refute is the fact that Romney has no plan and admits to it.

It was another softball that an incompetent Obama should have hit out of the park.
He should have reminded Romney that the way it works as President is you present a plan and then congress debates it. It's called leadership.

I'm still sizing the candidates up. Romney impressed me as a debater but, other than on energy, most of Romney's points last night were untrue and that's a big problem.

Dodd Frank? Repeal with no idea of what to replace it with? Does Romney even understand the concept of "too big to fail" and how that would be handled under Dodd Frank? Nope. Unfortunately, neither did Obama last night.

Obama's big problem with me was not his debating skills but his administrations failure and possible coverup in Bengazi.

For you, the election was made up in your mind four years ago when Obama was first elected.

For me, it will be made up in the next month.
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