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Subject:  Re: Inheritance Date:  10/4/2012  11:55 PM
Author:  spikie Number:  1821300 of 2264781

x -

I won't explain how the president has had 4 years. You know he has.

I won't explain how some 23,000,000 americans are out of work. Unless you have chosen to be a hermit, you know that.

I won't explain to you how this president - not the last president - but THIS president has spent over a trillion dollars more than receipts every year he has been in office. You know that.

I won't explain how the OMB has stated that in the foreseeable future, following Obama's plan, the debt will continue to climb at an unsustainable pace. You should know that.

I won't explain how you are wrong, and how your partisanship has simply led you to the point where simple logic flies from the window because you cannot begin to admit that you have pinned your hopes on an abject failure. I won't do that because even if you know that, your ego will never allow you to admit the truth.

And if, and hopefully, when, Mr. Romney is elected president thirty-four days from today, you will be searching for someone to blame - someone other than Obama, of course. Perhaps you will blame Bush. Perhaps, Obama will blame Bush. Or maybe he'll blame Reagan or Truman or Roosevelt. He had well over 200 years of presidents to blame, you know, and the excuses for failure are always someone else.
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