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Subject:  Re: GoofyHoofy Pick Up The Red Courtesy Phone Date:  10/5/2012  12:28 AM
Author:  ariechert Number:  647098 of 888207

"whatever.....I believer God gave us free will, why would a loving God have some folks kill others? Doesn't make sense.. we will all pay for our actions, one way or the other." - luckydog

What if this life is all an illusion and there is no death? Like a dream? So when you "wake up" on the other side you find out that everything you thought was real was really only "a dream in itself." Simply a way to teach the soul what it needed to learn, and it had to be emotional enough to last for eternity. The more emotional the experience the more powerful and long lasting the memory it creates.

Many physicists believe that our universe is some kind of strange holographic projection. If our universe is only a projection that would indicate that somewhere, maybe another dimension, there is a much more fundamental reality where our Universe is projected from.

excerpt from Michelle M's NDE description:
"I felt an understanding about life, what it was, is. As if it was a dream in itself. It's so very hard to explain this part. I'll try, but my words limit the fullness of it. I don't have the words here, but I understood that it really didn't matter what happened in the life experience, I knew/understood that it was intense, brief, but when we were in it, it seemed like forever. I understood that whatever happened in life, I was really ok, and so were the others here"'s_nde.htm

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