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Subject:  Re: not happy with Obama Date:  10/5/2012  8:17 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  647109 of 883346

2008 is the measuring stick, and we're way ahead of where we were then.\

Frankly, this mindset is just asinine.

Economies grow. There were problems in 08 that stunted things badly, everyone knows what those problems were.

Those problems are still lingering to a small degree.

But that is not the actual issue. The issue is did the economy grow as well as it should have. Anyone would have sat over a recovering ecomoy to some degree. The banking crisis would be overcome, and we would put recession into the rear view mirror.

These things happen, they have happened under EVERY person in office that had a period after a bad problem. SO do not be moronic.

The question is did Obama help or hinder the natural process of recovery. It was slower than anyone would really expect, at a time when the US still maintained an advantage over Europe as they were more screwed up

The idea that things got better, so Obama is good, is too friggin absurd for even the least mentally facile to embrace honestly. OF COURSE THINGS GOT BETTER. Was the natural improvement that only an absolute moron could stop faster or slower than it should have been

That is a long conversation. If the poster is interested, I suggest you read the last 14-18 months of MadCap's stuff. He has covered it better than anyone else I can think of.

On the other hand, if you need better strawmen and want false stuff to support your argument, I do want to help, I suggest you read some GoofyHoofy, impressive stuff if you like strawmen, appeals to authority and many other false forms of argumentation, but he/she does offer more than the silly things got better so Obama must be good meme
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