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Subject:  Re: Romney is Brilliant! Date:  10/5/2012  8:42 AM
Author:  TMFMurph Number:  63968 of 115741

Why not handle it like the Speaker of the House advised on ObamaCare--pass it in order to see what's in the plan. ;-)

You meant "The Patriot Act" didn't you?


Great to "see" you again! I hope things are going better for you down in the Keys than the last time we talked ( BMW Method boards ).

Anyway, perhaps you have a point; however comparing the passage of the Patriot Act and Obamacare may be at bit problematic:

Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote

The Patriot Act passed the Senate 98-1; and passed the House 357-66

If I read my charts right, composition of the Senate at the time was 50-50; the House was 221R/, 54 Democrat Senators voted in favor, as did 146 Democrat House members.

As to the point about finding out what's in a bill by passing it ( since there was little time for members to read a 1200-page bill before it was brought up for a vote ), well, Pelosi's statement is a matter of record. The Patriot Act was 342 pages.

Please keep in mind that I'm speaking to the method of passage of the two bills....not the rightness or wrongness of their content.

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