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Subject:  Re: WSJ - Unemployment Stinks! Date:  10/6/2012  10:20 AM
Author:  dumaflotchie Number:  64013 of 115988

have proven they are not even capable of dialogue within their own party with anyone not willing to embrace the nutty beliefs of their radical fringe and yet you delude yourself, or try to convince others, that somehow Mitt will be able to convince them to embrace a "moderate" approach to a dialogue with the Democrats.

I would love to hear your explanation for how you see that playing out. I know Mitt has a secret plan, but unfortunately, from what I can tell that is all he has (with everything) regrettably like I stated in my previous post and Mitt has aptly demonstrated in the is cheap.

Both parties have their nutcases about Pelosi and Harry Reid??????

Romney is a moderate and he can and has worked with Democrats. The willingness of Repubs to do battle with Romney is minimal because they believe while he isn't far right, at least some balance is achievable.

Romney is being very astute in leaving some leeway for hard lines in the sand. He is a respected businessman, an outsider in Washington terms, less religious right issues, more reasoned and negotiable.

Most important perhaps, he hasn't soiled the well. There is opportunity to reset the dialogue with ALL parties. Obama would be battled to eternity largely because of his own arrogance and blame game style of politics.

Just reflect for a while on this B........we need to reset the dialogue......bring this country back together........Obama cannot do that ever again.

Even if you still respect OBama.......a reasoned person must see this as inevitable.

Our country is far more important than a single person's aspirations.

Let's reset the dialogue......together we shall succeed whereas divided we shall fall.
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