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Subject:  Re: Romney is Brilliant! Date:  10/6/2012  2:41 PM
Author:  rjf53 Number:  64028 of 115741

Romney's proposal with reduction in deductions, will not add to the deficit.

Hi Mr Duma,

I just couldn't resist letting this one last little bit of "data" out of our discussion.

I literal just awoke from a nap, long story involving a "lock in" my daughter attended last night. So anyway I walked right to my porch, sat down in my recliner and switched on the TV.

What was on was a interview of a Romney spokesman being asked about a perceived discrepancy between what Mr Romney said from a clip in the debate, where he said he would cut tax rates across the board by 20% for everyone vs what he claimed in a clip a few days later about not cutting taxes on the 1%.

Now I'm sure if I could provide you precise quotes or better still a video of what I watched you would have a great explanation but I can't. I can however provide you with an exact quote made by the Romney spokesman to the query.

"I am not going to respond to that question, I do not know what Governor Romney was thinking"

Ah yes, a man with a plan, unfortunately even his spokesman doesn't know what it is.

But no worries because apparently you do? Right?

Warm regards,

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