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Subject:  Re: Thinking of upgrading to Q-2013 ... DON'T ! Date:  10/7/2012  12:52 PM
Author:  Kurtv Number:  9994 of 10981

Hey Rich,

I just thought I'd offer a few of my own thoughts on this review and upgrading in general.

First it seems a little unclear to me what version of Q2013 the reviewer is dealing with. They state they have been waiting for an iPad app for Quicken but they appear to be upgrading a Windows machine from the Q2011 version. I'm not sure what one has to do with the other. Does the iPad app require a newer version of Q to import files? Can you import files from older versions of Q into this new app? I don't know.

Personally I tend to purchase software on a disc, though I realize downloads are quickly becoming the norm. But here is the thing. If you download a program that you have paid for, either copy it to a disc or keep a copy on an external HDD. I prefer to burn the disc because I have a place for all my IMPORTANT system discs and it will not be a problem to find and I know it's not going to accidentally be overwritten which can happen if it's on a HDD. Actually I would opt to have it both places, just in case. I know places like Amazon are supposed to have these downloads available to people that purchase them but I'd rather maintain my own emergency plan then to depend on someone else to have what I need when disaster strikes.

I also have been on the 3 year upgrade cycle, choosing only to upgrade when Intuit breaks the download capability. But I never, ever upgrade when the new version first comes out. I have no desire to be the guinea pig and prefer to wait several months till a few revisions have been made if needed. Plus the price comes down considerably after the holidays/first of the calendar year buyers have made their purchases.

Traditionally I will wait till mid February and then look to buy the program on eBay. I then tend to wait another month or till I have completed my taxes before upgrading.

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