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Subject:  Re: Romney's Age.... Date:  10/7/2012  7:55 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  647587 of 887362

"Now wait a gosh darned minute. So now alcohol and caffeine are bad for you? You guys are worse than the dueling headlines in medicine. (g) I thought that the caffeine is suppose to ward off dementia. And the antioxidants would keep you longer. And alcohol in moderation was supposed to keep your cardio system young promoting blood flow and oxigenation. Which is supposed to keep u young. But now they're both bad according to the board. Sometimes I wish I can jump ahead 50 years to find out what the real story is, rather than constantly get whiplashed by our current Medieval understanding of health, diet and medicine." - aolf

It's a yin and yang thing. A chemical that might turn one cell "off" will turn another cell "on." That's how our body is made. That is why the old adage, "if a little bit is good, then a lot has to be better" doesn't hold true.

In our lungs are different types of cells and a chemical that turns the growth receptor of one type of cell "on" turns the growth receptor of the other type of cell "off." This is why it's so difficult to completely conquer cancer. A lot of chemotherapy attacks and kills one type of cell, but ten years down the road it causes another type of cell line to turn on. It might stop the cell growth of one type of cell, but in the meanwhile it has turn on the growth of another type of cell.

And the problem is that once these cells are turned on they start producing their own growth factor.

By the way Alcohol interferes with P53 cancer suppressor gene and has been implicated in pancreatic cancer.

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