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Subject:  Re: Romney's Age.... Date:  10/7/2012  8:06 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  647591 of 883126

"Yeah LD, I understand the all-things-in-moderation argument. But that's a play it safe argument. We do that because we do not have perfect knowledge. A little bit of everything,just in case. It's sort of like diversification in investing. Diversification protects your investment but doesnt make u super wealthy. If we had better knowledge and certainty we'd know what to emphasize in our diets. Clearly some things are better than others. And some things way way better. We'd know what to overweight and things to cut out." aolf

Our body exists in balance. When things go out of balance are when problems arise. When the pH goes up or down, then things go out of whack. When the serum proteins go up or down, that means something is seriously wrong. When blood ions are out of balance, either up or down, that means that something is seriously wrong.

The same thing when we take in food or chemicals or whatever. A chemical might affect one cell type differently than another cell type. While a little alcohol might be beneficial for veins and arteries a lot turns off the P53 cancer suppressor gene and affects the liver in adverse ways.

Our body is extremely complex and simple adages and made up over the counter made up untested recommendations can be downright harmful.

I suspicion, as JLC tells us, that everything in moderation is the safest and only sensible approach when it comes to life. Except for tobacco, nicotine, which is a poison.

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