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Subject:  Re: New Yorker Magazine Cover Next Week Date:  10/7/2012  8:21 PM
Author:  dumaflotchie Number:  64093 of 115339

Looks to be more like Just lie'n...


One could accuse liberal for caring more about party than what happened at Benghazi......because that is the case.

Had this been and the media would have been relentless on pursuing the issue.

But being Obama......all mum......hardly encouraging for seeking the "truth".......typical liberal jargon for your "convenient truth".

So if I got your story correct:

1) You think it was perfectly fine for Obama to accuse an unknown obscure third rate movie produced a year ago as the cause of the anti-American violence throughout the Muslim world.

2) You believe that there was no request by the embassy personnel to beef up security

3) You believe there was no warning from local Libyan forces that this region was increasingly unstable

4) You believe there was no reason to increase security and take special precautions on the anniversary of 911.

5) You believe that prior attacks on this very same embassy were irrelevant to the risk at that same location on 911 anniversary.

If that is what you are saying, then yes we have your "inconvenient truth" moment.........pretty sad what has become our nation when party matters over country and American lives........just a "bump in the road" as Obama explained it.
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