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Subject:  Conservatard gloating Date:  10/8/2012  6:44 PM
Author:  EllieLight Number:  1822329 of 2273564

Everywhere you look, right wingers are claiming that Mitt Romney has already won the election. President Obama may as well start packing his bags, because this race is over. The President has been leading in all the polls for months. The Democratic National Convention was an enormous success. His approval ratings have been on the rise. His economic plans are kicking in and people are seeing the impact in job creation, as demonstrated by the blowout jobs report last week. So why are the Romney fanboys celebrating? Because their guy managed to put a couple of semi-coherent sentences together for the first time in his life, and the right-wing media declares him the winner.

I'll admit, Mitt Romney pulled off a fine acting job last week. I knew he could lie, but I didn't know he could look so comfortable doing it. So congratulations to him for scoring some debating points. Now I have to ask this: what does winning a debate have to do with being President? The answer is pretty much nothing at all. When do Presidents go on primetime television, one on one against their rival, and answer stupid questions from a moderator? Has it EVER happened? On the other hand, a President needs to be able to make effective speeches all the time. He needs to be able to move people. He needs to know when to reach back for the big guns, like President Clinton. You need to be able to utilize social media, as well as traditional advertising. These are the things that the President has excelled at, and which have propelled him to his lead throughout this campaign. So ask yourself this: when it comes to being President, would you rather have a guy who can win a debate, or someone who can give a great convention speech to tens of millions of people and create effective campaign ads that can influence and persuade people.

I know my choice: President Obama. And on Election Day, the American people will make that same choice. I can't wait to see the conservatards then.
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