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Subject:  SMDH Date:  10/9/2012  7:22 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  647806 of 888229

Two things have made me shake my damn head today:

1. Someone keyed one of our parking enforcement vehicles. I know that people get irate over parking tickets (they literally are more upset with parking tickets than getting arrested, true story!) but vandalizing one of our cars is hardly productive. All our funding comes from taxes, so when they vandalize one of our cars they're costing THEMSELVES money (assuming they pay state taxes of course). So they're getting back at us for costing them money by costing themselves more money? Alrighty then!

2. Who carries a $380 wallet (not $380 in their wallet, the wallet itself was valued at $380!) then leaves it unattended in a public building to be stolen? Students, that's who.

Who pays $380 for a wallet?!? My wallet is from Saddleback Leather, it cost $80 and is the most expensive wallet I've ever owned by far! It should also last me a lifetime (guaranteed for 100 years, so unless I make it to 134 I think I'm set for life!) Paying $380 for a wallet is just stupid. No excuse for that. I'm happy that Coach can find people dumb enough to pay it, more power to them... but seriously!
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