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Subject:  Re: Uncharted waters Date:  10/9/2012  2:18 PM
Author:  irasmilo Number:  116769 of 130715

So, DD has had some work!

Not a windfall, by any stretch, but earnings have exceeded costs with a little left over for contributions to either IRA or 529 (leaning back towards 529 after discussion with my accountant... Asked him to confirm that she can contribute to her own plan first *grin*)

Previous posts in this thread have all favored contributing to a Roth IRA over funding a 529 with her money. I can't think of any reason your accountant would suggest otherwise. NY offers a state income tax benefit for contributions to the NY529 plan, but that benefit would be worth far more to you (parents) than to DD who won't have earned enough to owe any NY income tax.

So, we (DW & I) have been paying for tolls, parking, etc. DW has kept a ledger with info on how far she drove, tolls and parking fees. Will that suffice for us to reimburse ourselves for these costs?

Do we need to keep actual receipts as well?

Keeping receipts is best, but a well documented diary with supporting documentation should be sufficient. Of course, if you want to maximize the benefit your daughter gets from her income, you should consider your out-of-pocket expenses as a gift to her. She'll report more income and can make a larger contribution to her Roth IRA.

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