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Subject:  Re: The dinner table Date:  10/9/2012  5:55 PM
Author:  eatenbybears Number:  1822687 of 2229845

Perhaps. But it has been significantly better than the previous and sad 8 years. You know, when we went from surplus to deficit and started a couple of useless and very expensive wars.

Then, Obama pushes through the "Stimulous Bill" that cost more than the entire Iraq war and produced nothing.

What is happening over the past couple months is that the American public is recognizing that Obama has been nothing more than an empty suit

No finance plan
No Foreign policy
No real action on unemployment
No action on increasing trade
No border protection
No action on Illigal Aliens (other than some free pass)
No Energy policy
No control over even his own party in congress
No solution for the failed housing market
No assistance for small business (other than free money for cronies in now dead green companies
No solution for Social Security
No solution for healthcare except the bill passed before it was written that gets higher and higher cost estimates monthly

And for this, starting in January, he will be receiveing what $191,000 in retirement pay, plus bennies, plus travel, plus Secret Service

Put's him into the 1% dont it?

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