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Subject:  Re: Big Bird will be fine, says Romney Date:  10/10/2012  11:37 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  648065 of 883126

I'll play devil's advocate here a bit. Although nobody would like to see funding for PBS and NPR cut off completely of taxpayer subsidies more than me, it's a drop in the bucket compared to defense and entitlement spending.

What we need is an across the board cut in gov't spending. No exceptions. And that includes military.

I could not disagree more vehemently.

Not that I do not agree that we should see spending across the board end up cut.

We should be applying the exact test Romney outlines, on every single thing we do. Not just cut funding and let some dept head take the hit.

PBS, NPR? Gone, they can not be justified, there are too many choices and are a vestige of a time long gone. We have too too many choices and operation far smaller than anything popular on either site is able to survive easily. Big Bird is going nowhere other than the Kiddie Dev channel with Arthur and Dora et al

Defense cuts should be made on finding things that need to be cut and cutting them, not playing games. The curs should end up more than 10 percent. But should not be done on things that we can cut short term but will need to be put back in 4 years and then some because of the harm done short term -- which is what an across the board cut will be used to do. This is not a new technique.

Romney's idea of getting rid of most Education at the Federal level with a few high level guidelines and sending money out is fine. IT will cut a lot of spending both at the federal and save money at the local level

Let's justify each EPA ruling. We can cut costs and wring a lot of disincentives from the system, cutting spending and increasing productivity simultaneously.

Force the damn government to govern. Stop doing other stuff, until you get the existing stuff under control. Cut back and keep cutting back until you are at sensible. You find silly but some action, rescind and replace.

Across the board cuts are absurd, but guarantee NOTHING but working on straightening out the current spaghetti that is the federal government. Untangle and streamline it. Cut what makes little sense, farm out what should not be done by government, cut everywhere, especially the budgets of Congressmen and Senators who are involved it tooooo much already and need to do less, not be funded to do more.

Why is government doing any training at all? DO businesses not know what they actually need? Does anyone believe that these programs actually help anywhere near the spending level they are at?

We need government to make sense. What happens with across the board cuts? Everyone tries to cut something that will cause pain so the funding comes back ASAP, it is a suckers bet from my experience.
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