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Subject:  Re: Katie Talks about NDE's Date:  10/10/2012  12:59 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  648087 of 883500

"How did that conversation go, if you remember?" - catherine

You really want to know? Okay, Alison Krauss has a song called "There is a Reason" written by Ron Block who plays in her band, and I really like that song. I'd listen to it over and over while I was in the kitchen doing dishes. I do a lot of good thinking when I'm staring out the window washing dishes.

So while I was listening to that song I'd be wondering "what is the reason? Why are we here, what is it all about, why pain and suffering, etc." I'd ask over and over and over again. I really wanted to know.

We lived in an A Frame House and had a great big giant stone fireplace that sort of stood in the middle of the house. It was between the kitchen and the dining/living room (one big room) and it sort of blocked the way into the living room. So a lot of times when I'd walk through that doorway I'd stub my toe on the stones in that fireplace. I'd grab my toe and ask God, "Why? Why the pain? Why so much?" etc. We lived there 20 years so I probably did that over a hundred times. Another words, I bugged God like a kid would do.

So, around the year 2000 I found a site on the internet called and I started reading some of the links they had on that site. One link was to the website and another link was to the Universe as a hologram website. I thought the Universe as a hologram website was fascinating and I found out it was written by Michael Talbot and that he had written a whole book about it called The Holographic Universe.

I bought a copy of that book from and read it and it changed my life. Michael Talbot was a Science Writer by the way. He wrote scientific articles for journals and magazines for a living. He was a gay man who lived in New York City. He died of Leukemia in 1992 2 months after The Holographic Universe was published.

So after reading that book and reading some web information on near death experiences I was walking out of Big Lots in Middlesboro, Kentucky one day and the word "duality" just popped into my head. I don't know where it came from or why it popped into my head but it did.

Then a few days later as I was walking through that doorway between our living room and the dining room all of a sudden the whole thing was downloaded fully formed into my head. All of a sudden I knew the answers to all my questions, why are we here, why do we suffer, why do we experience so much separation in life, why emotion, all of it.

It was like everything in my life came together and I saw the puzzle. Like the game show on TV where they put the letters up on the board and after you get enough letters you see what the statement says, it was obvious to me what it all meant. I knew the answer to some of life's most profound questions.

The problem is putting it in a short enough form to where I can share it. Unless one has read all the stuff I've read it really is understandable. Unless one knows about holograms and how they are generated and has taken courses in holistic teaching and learning it is difficult to understand.

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