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Subject:  Re: What is your goal in life? Date:  10/11/2012  10:28 AM
Author:  decath Number:  648272 of 881682

Man, with my whole heart failure condition, being laid off, not being married and not having a kid so far, and no house, what the hec is driving my life? Seriously what am I living for? Further what makes me happy? Is it family ? Or friends ? Career? My life is seriously empty. Why do I get out of bed in the mornings?? The trip to Starbucks for coffee. Man I am just going through the motions. Damn no wonder I drink at night like I do. It temporarily raises m spirits. I am happy for that time. Oh man. Where is this all going? I see no goal. No endpoint.

Seriously though AOL, I agree with others on the board about getting some counseling and avoiding alcohol. Alcohol is a viscious circle that seems to temporarily help but then can cause depression after it wears off the next morning. Plus it will make you gain weight and affect your health. It's a dangerous spiral downward.

About the depression. I've know a few people that had everything still get it. One in particular puzzled me. He was a commited Christian, an athlete in tip top shape, had 2 great adult kids that were prospering in their respective careers, a life long marriage with an ex beauty queen and a superstar in his career-until the depression hit.

Yet, he could not figure out way he was so low and getting worse. He sought counseling. They tried a few prescription drugs but it only made things worse. In the end, it was some sort of chemical inbalance caused by his meat and potatoes (high carb) diet. He low-carbed, increased his veggies, cut back his caffiene and sugar intake and recovered. He is now back at the top of his game.

Personally, I think food choices are the cause of most of society's problems, as I'm sure most on this board know after reading my posts for 10 years. The chemical ingredients of processed foods frak with the body and cause unpredictable results based on each of our unique bodies.

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