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Subject:  Re: What is your goal in life? Date:  10/11/2012  1:39 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  648311 of 881729

"That's also true for physical pain as well as mental pain. When I'm feeling sorry for myself wrt physical, I also see some person who is much worse off and gamely continuing to live life as well as they can. Always inspiring. I watch this when I need encouragement."


There are people in Malaysia who stick metal rods through the skin of their face, lips, cheeks, etc. In the Philipines people intentionally re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus. In the United States little high school girls intentionally take knives and cut themselves. People go and pay money to have other people "pierce" their bodies. American Indians have this ritual where they hang themselves from hooks through the skin of their chest and backs.

In the Middle Ages religious fanatics took whips and flaggelated their own backs till they were bloody raw. Kids today go and get painful tatoos all over their bodies (and body piercings)? All over the world people intentionally eat hot peppers in their food, and for some people the hotter the better. Those peppers burn their lips, tongues, the inside of the mouths, and sometimes they burn as much coming out the other end as when they went in.

What possesses people to intentionally do very painful things to themselves? What if maybe it's not the person themselves that are doing those things but the soul directing the person to do those things to themselves? Now the question is... WHY?

Just imagine that you are a soul that comes from a place where time and space don't exist, where nothing exists unless it is first thought of, and you haven't got any idea what it feels like to be inside a body, and you don't know what a body even is, or how to direct it, or the parameters of that body and you have a very limited amount of time to learn about the body, and to make "pixels" or bits of information, enough to re-create a body if you need to, and in fact enough information to share with ever soul that has ever lived or will ever live? What if you have been given the commission of coming to this physical reality and were told by the Creator that He wanted you to make as many bits of information or pixels of information about the shape of the body? And you only have a very limited amount of time to do it in?

Sort of like a sculptor that has been told to chisel out a body out of marble and all you have been given is a hammer and a chisel. So you hammer away, and pretty soon this beautiful sculpture emerges from the marble and you did it all with a hammer and a chisel.

I am a believer in this life being a school, and we are here to learn a few simple lessons, what time and space look and feel like, what it feels like to inhabit a body, and make memories of what it was like to direct that body, like a driver driving a car, and memories of what it was like to live in a 3 dimensional + 1 time Universe. And you will use this information after you cross back over into Heaven to conjure up your own reality. In Mark H's NDE he said "I thought of a mountain and one appeared." The atheist A.J. Ayer's said "it was very strange, my thoughts became persons." Mark Horton said, "I merely had to think of a time and place and I was there experiencing everything about that time and place."

We are gatherers of information, and the more emotional the experience the more powerful and long lasting the memory it creates. The soul uses the body like we use a suit of clothes, and when it is finished it will toss off this suit of clothes like an old worn out suit, with barely a backward glance. With as much emotion as we might reserve for an old worn out pair of tennis shoes. We are simply spiritual beings having a physical experience.

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