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Subject:  Re: Am I on the right board? Date:  10/11/2012  2:02 PM
Author:  americanray Number:  156225 of 182512

Also, notice that although political humor does often get posted it's the responses to those posts that turn humor into politics. For some reason, specific posters don't want to just move on - they need to comment on the politics that they don't agree with within the humor. Virtually all the responses are by liberals and primarily posters who do not contribute humor, at all.

I strongly disagree with the above statement.

For example, a "joke" posted by you recently (What's for dinner?)

He noticed with alarm that a liberal politician's brain sells for $375.00 a pound.

It would have simply killed you to leave this joke in the original form that it's always been posted in (we can all agree this isn't the first time we've seen this, right?), where it's simply a politician.

Nope, we HAD to leave in the "liberal." Or put it in.

So no, it's not just the responses.


Actually, you just proved my point. Also, humor is always subject to revision. Besides, I stipulated that some posts are political. How about this - please assume that all my posts are political, just move along down the list - I'll never know that you are ignoring my posts and I'll care even less.

Back to the thread subject....

Top 5 signs you are anal-retentive

1. You keep large redundant amounts of all your sundries such as laundry detergent so that you never risk running out.
2. You don’t just sort the money in your wallet by $1, $5, $10, or $20, but also sort the bills by wear-and-tear so that you get rid of the bills in the worst shape first.
3. You look up anal-retentive to see whether it needs a hyphen.
4. You don’t just keep a grocery list, you micro-optimize order of the items on the grocery list so that you only make one pass through the grocery store.
5. After a power outage or when Daylight Savings Time starts or ends, you feel the need to set all your clocks to the same minute and second.
6. It really irritates you when someone says a list has 5 items and you count six.
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