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Subject:  Re: What is your goal in life? Date:  10/11/2012  7:51 PM
Author:  LuckyDog2002 Number:  648357 of 881729

I thought it was a great answer. It was what she needed to hear. She needed to know that life ain't always a bowl of cherries.



and that's the truth. I recently heard in a meeting that we are discontented lot, the weather's too hot, it's too cold, that guy or gal looked at me funny, life is too difficult, on and on.

We have this expectation we should be happy all the time and when we aren't, we wonder what is wrong or worse, try to blame somebody else for our feeling bad.

Seems my life goes in cycles, can't figure the variables, if my sleep is completely out of whack ......well, mental health starts to fail and everything looks hopeless. But when sleep is okay and no big emotional upsets going on, things are going good, feel positive, feel strong, life is easy, rhythm of life is going good....then it starts to wane and go into the down cycle, and life is a slog, where does the time go, oh gosh, I haven't accomplished anything, then little by little it changes and it goes in a more positive cycle. If I keep going to my meetings and staying in touch with other compulsive overeaters, alkies and al anon'ers, keep up contacts with people, do my exercise and recorder classes and doggie stuff, I don't feel so all alone and different. It's when I think I'm the only one who feels this way is when I can get really down and I salute you AOLFool for speaking openly about your is tough when you're single but we're not the only ones out there. Heck, we could be in a really sick, loveless marriage with money sucking children who will never grow up. So, there is a bright side you know. :)

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