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Subject:  Re: Tasty Shrimp In Chinese Restaurants Date:  10/12/2012  6:45 AM
Author:  Calabogie Number:  54612 of 56442

Yep, I see it all the time at the local supermarkets (See;

Thanks for the links. I'm surprised but I guess since the demand for tilapia has gone up so much the US farmers just can't keep up.

As for catfish, I've been out of the US for a while so maybe this has changed but when I went to the grocery store they had "channel catfish" and "catfish" separately at the fish counter. I always bought "channel catfish" as IMO that is the best eating catfish. A channel cat fillet is usually fairly easy to distinguish from other catfish fillets as well. They also sold whole (gutted) channel cats which makes it almost impossible to fake as channel cats are very easy to distinguish from other catfish.

I've had Asian catfish (lived in Malaysia for 3 years) and I wasn't that impressed. I've also had Asian catfish in eastern Europe (I guess they have easier access to it) and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't as good as channel cat.

I use tilapia every now and then (not nearly as often as channel cat) and it's farm raised here in Germany. Best thing about tilapia is that it takes on the taste of whatever spices you put on it and the texture is just about perfect. Plain it's pretty bland but as a base for your spices and/or sauce it's the perfect fish.

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