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Subject:  Re: Dishwasher repair Date:  10/12/2012  9:10 AM
Author:  tketola Number:  122506 of 138101

Hey fleg9bo,,,

"The part -- I don't know the name of it -- that keeps the dishwasher door from flopping open when you let go of it, an internal cord or rope of some kind -- broke the other day. We called Sears (it's a Kenmore) and bought a one-year warranty for $229 which included the cost of the repair. The guy came today and fixed it. The repair would have been $168, so we got the warranty for an extra $61. Given the age of the dishwasher, over eight years, I think that's not a bad thing. The warranty is good for up to $500 for any repair and if a repair goes above $500, we can instead choose a $500 credit towards the purchase of a new dishwasher. "

Well, most Dishwasher and Oven Door balance is controlled by one or two Spring, about 1/2" - 5/8" Diam. and about 3-5" long.
So, you probably had a broken Door-Spring, they are available in most hardware stores, for about $2 - $5. To replace one yourself, it would probably take about 1/2 hour, at most. All you need to do is to, pull the Dishwasher or Oven out, flip it on its side, so you have access to the bottom, take out the broken spring, they are normally attached between the bottom of the door and the frame, and replace with the new one.

So I would say, you paid for kind of expensive Spring. $229. However, what you really did, is that you purchased a $229 insurance policy, against future repair costs!!! And, that might be OK, your Dishwasher is over 8 years old, I had one that lasted 20 years. So, you may get the opportunity collect on that Insurance yet!!!

Just my 2 cents...

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