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Subject:  Re: Trickle down caused the crisis? Date:  10/13/2012  7:15 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  648570 of 887886

Back up the claim? Why bother? Obama's voters don't care. Rhetoric is sufficient to "prove" it.

I used to believe that.

But I just actually watched Biden's performance versus Ryan, as well as the moderator versus Ryan

Obama voters do seem to care about rhetoric, they want to make darn sure that the rhetoric of their opponents is simply not heard.

How else to explain Biden's absurd behavior. Had he anything to say, it would have made sense to let Ryan speak and then just slice and dice. But rather? The logic of any answer was cut off.

I can not believe anyone would find what happened acceptable. This is not a cheap PA post, it was a forum for the folks who will be our nations's leaders to be heard.

Biden's actions were planned, obviously. This is what the Democratic Party believes is the best way to discuss their ideas. Now that IMO is probably valid, as this was the best way to discuss their ideas and not look like they had bad ideas. However, displaying they were bad people too? I am not sure bad people with bad ideas is the best choice in campaign strategy.

The folks who decided that Biden's actions were proper, in the forum they were presented? Well, simply put, they are not folks I want representing my country in any way. They are in fact deplorable at a level I did not expect, and I started out thinking little of them
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