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Subject:  Re: Jennifer Rubin's take on the debate Date:  10/13/2012  11:02 AM
Author:  lowstudent Number:  648601 of 878687

Now she's a moderate left of center and I'm a bit further to the right. Although I prefer to think of it as less a support for the right (whose policies I only moderately support), than a rejection of nearly all policies of the left.

Jim, there is so much rhetoric of the right that I abhor, and so much of the left I agree with heartily. I think I know what you mean.

However, I share your feeling of what I have seen of the impact to date, and more importantly of what their future impact will be.

Both sides are in bed with some folks I do not agree with. One side seems to actually want to empower them.

Plus to be honest I agree with a lot of the religious folks on the right on many issues. I just do not think those issues should get anywhere near being policy. I do not see ROmney as wanting that either, nor Ryan nor anyone anywhere near power, and folks like Robertson have a voice, but were soundly rejected as well, so I am pretty comfortable on a lot of that stuff.

I see the EPA, and oh buy, do I have problems with the left. I see people in Clevelend with their Obama phones, and boy do I have problems with Democrats.

I am actually pro-union. I was raised in a union household and saw some of the good points. However, I see Dempocrats making an playing field where unions have become forces for evil for both business in issues like the Boeing fiasco and public policy in education and other realms (Chicago recently, Milwaukee and other places with sever problems about to get worse)

I despise Democrats, although there is some of their rhetoric I can support. I support Republicans although there is some of their platform I do not agree with.

I see nothing good about the current group that are Democrats and their supports? The Maddows and Larry Flynts and Mahers my God, the entire group is ugly and beyond just distasteful.
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