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Subject:  Busy day Date:  10/15/2012  7:40 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  648990 of 888931

We piled into my car after lunch to take care of a few errands. Normally we take DW's car when we go out together but the first errand consisted of getting the biennial smog check on my car. That didn't go as planned as the state testing facility is closed on Mondays now. It didn't used to be, but I guess all that money going into union pension funds necessitated some cutbacks.

From there we headed out to a winery just inside the boundary of fabulous Yamhill County, where in a moment of weakness DW signed up for a wine club last summer. The way it works, you pay an exorbitant amount of money four times a year and you get two bottles of their good stuff each time. This time it was $90 for two bottles of Pinot Noir. While we were there, we tasted one of their other noirs, a $48 bottle, and it was so totally not worth it. We could have bought almost 14 bottles of what we usually get for the price of those two. And one of them needs to be aged for two years -- talk about delayed gratification. I hope she lets the membership lapse real soon.

Then we went to a big store with a pharmacy and got flu shots. It was my first flu shot in 15 years or so, and so far my throat hasn't swollen shut, nor am I deathly ill like last time. The pharmacist said that they don't use live germs like they did back then, so maybe I'll be OK this time.

Then we stopped by Whole Foods, which has a rotisserie chicken sale every Monday. They make the best prepared chicken, not injecting them with solutions of fructose and who-knows-what like many other stores do.

Tomorrow I've got to call UnitedHealthcare to see if they got my fax of resignation. Since they were sending me all kinds of propaganda to get me to enroll in their Medicare Advantage program, I figured they knew I was going on Medicare. But only one part of them knew that -- the part that sends the bills didn't. Good thing I called them and found that out. Meanwhile, our November bill arrived and I'm still on it, hence the call.

Don't I have the most interesting life?

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