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Subject:  Re: Gangs of New York, Microsoft and Apple Date:  10/15/2012  9:24 PM
Author:  steve203 Number:  155938 of 157291

I've seen no research that says people would prefer their phones and PC's to work the same,

Just going by my experience in the mid 80s, when the Apple II was the market share leader with home users, and the Radio Shack TRS-80 was second. Within a year of the IBM PC coming out, the first thing people said when they came into my Radio Shack was "is it IBM compatible?".

The installed base for Apple and Radio Shack didn't matter anymore.

The large existing libraries of Apple and TRS-DOS apps didn't matter anymore.

The home users wanted compatibility. They didn't like the fractured market with Apple II, TRS-80, Adam, TI 99/4, Atari, Sinclair...

I just have a hunch that bridging the gap so that you have the same look and feel across platforms from a phone to a desktop will be attractive to a lot of people.

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